Hey all! It’s time again for another workbook post!

The start of this week was mostly spent celebrating Christmas, or Yule as it is called here. It was great, having some time off of school stuff was nice too, since there haven’t really been any breaks between each block. Spending time with the family, eating way too much and getting some awesome stuff. I’m usually not big on traditions, but there’s something special about Yule. Sure, there’s a lot of stress involved finding good gifts for everyone, but the celebration itself is usually always calm and fun.

Of course, I couldn’t take too long a break, there was still work to be done for Mortal Spire and this block! So, yesterday I got started on working on an actual synopsis. I wrote a more detailed story description last week that was more of an outline, which turned into more of a linear documentation of the game. I felt that it was not very useful, so instead, I scribbled down the rough progression of the game as its eventual whole.

From these scribblings, I wrote a synopsis for the story, from beginning to end. I’m very satisfied with the result, as I got to write down the general ideas that I’ve had for the game’s storyline more or less since I started working on it during the last block. I got to flesh out how all the Chambers play out and what they represent, so it’ll be very useful for my work.

I also tinkered a bit with some post processing effects for the game, a particle system that I’ll have use for in plenty of places and some optimizations here and there. It turned out that you could activate another trial period of Unity Pro with a fresh Unity 4 install, pretty neat! Overall the game’ll look better and probably play better if I make use of the Pro features while I can. The testers will see the little “Trial version” text at the corner of the builds I provide, but it doesn’t bother too much, I think.

Tomorrow, I’ll get to detailing the storytelling elements a bit more, planning what to place and where. I’ll try to take a lot of screenshots along the way too, to document the differences between the rooms before and after I’ve integrated more storytelling into them.

That’ll be all for now. Until next time!

Marcus out.