Hey all! Let’s squeeze in another little report here, before new year’s eve and all!

So, what’s been going on these last few days of the week? Well, I polished and finished up the synopsis for the story in its entirety and I’ve planned what elements I will incorporate into the first Chamber/level. I made a nice little storyboard like layout on paper (physical paper!) and sketched and described the elements for each room of the level. It feels great to have these things planned out, since it means I can just get started on modelling and implementing immediately.

I did actually get a false start on the modelling bit and made a whopping three models today! Two of them were just optimizations of the primitive shapes I had used for my light sources before, so they weren’t complicated by any means. The other model is one of the elements that’s going into the very first room of the level, so that’s pretty neat!

Other than that, I’ve worked with a lot of optimizations in general. One might think that it’s a bit backwards to start working on optimizations before the levels are completed. This way though, I’ll have the base levels that I’m going to work with already optimized to some extent and I’ll also know which tricks work when I start working with more proper optimizations. It’s also necessary since the slight boost in graphics quality (I’ll post comparison shots one day, promise) does nudge down the average frame rate a bit. I want to keep it steady above 60 frames per second, to ensure that it runs smooth on most systems.

That’ll be all for now. The next post probably won’t be until next year, haw haw, so I wish you all a happy new year!

Marcus out.