Good day, everyone! Long time no see!

For once, I’ve actually been aware of how long it was since I last posted, because I’ve been deliberately holding off making another post. I wanted to do something at least a little bit special, since it is the hundredth post. At least according to the counter on the dashboard, I’ll trust that it’s telling the truth.

For the hundredth post special, I have a short and sweet announcement to make regarding a new project that’s underway. If you came here via the main page, you might’ve seen a little picture of it already.

"Project Fall" - 2013 Banner

(Click to enlarge.)


Project Fall is my newest personal project. It’s still pretty early on in development, but I figured this site could use at least some new teasers and such. I’ve been posting some few shots of it before on my Twitter, but this is the formal, official announcement of the project. Here’s a short description that’s also featured on the main page:

Project Fall is a post-apocalyptic exploration adventure game with emphasis on environment and mood. You will play as a lone survivor, leaving the relative safety of a basement shelter to search for resources in the barren that once was your home town. Along the way, you’ll encounter traces of the wasteland’s long gone past, all the way to its demise.

There’s no project page up for it just yet, as there’s not that much to show right now and it’s still in an early stage. A lot may change before it’s finished, but I’ve got some nifty stuff in store for it. Stay tuned for more information!

Marcus out.