Hey everyone! It’s time again, be prepared!

These first couple of days of this week, I’ve spent modelling and implementing the 3D models that I needed for my storytelling details. The first Chamber/level’s all finished up and I actually got it uploaded and sent it away for the first few tests. I should have the results I need by Friday. I just need to get a hold of the people that’ve played the level before, since some questions in the form ask about how their impression changed from the initial version and such.

In total, I’ve made five models and six textures these past two days. I’ve decorated two rooms fully and the third one’s halfway there. With the plan I have laid out now, I’ve got around four models or so left to complete and two more rooms to decorate. Shouldn’t be too hard to get all that done before the end of the week, including testing at least the first level fully!

That’ll be all for now, I should have some pictures to show my progress for the next post I make, so look out for that!

Marcus out.