Yo dawgs! Is it just me, or has time been passing way too quick lately? It feels like I just went on the train over here (to my parents’) and I’m going back tomorrow.

Anyhow, that’s not why this post’s here, it’s here to discuss what’s been going on with school work stuff!
So the first Chamber/level is more or less finished and ready for testing. I wrote down all the questions for the form yesterday and prepared the form itself, so now it’s just a matter of uploading the webplayer and sending the links to the testers. I’ll try to get as many as possible of the testers from the previous block to participate now as well, as it’ll let me know whether or not they think the new stuff helped the game.

Other than that, I added a few decals to a couple of places in the level. I was unsure of whether or not they would fit in the level, but I’ll wait and see what the testers say instead.

I’ll probably get started on the planning for the second level before the next week, since I feel just making the form and doing lightmap builds was not enough work for one day (Friday, that is.) We’ll see what happens!

That’s all for now, until next time!

Marcus out.