As you might’ve noticed, over the past few days, I’ve reworked the design of the site with a new theme and some new content. I’ve also removed a lot of old content, like the one week projects from my first year at uni. I might add them back in, though together in one page as opposed to one page each like before.

Our bachelor thesis and game project are coming along nicely. We’ve mostly got some wrapping up and polishing to do on both and it’s less than a month until we will be graduating. It feels strange at best, to say the least!

Amongst the content I’ve added to the site, there’s a page up for Eira’s Tale, the game project related to our essay. There’s a few screenshots up, most of them will probably be updated pretty soon, since we’ve added a few things. One of those things is a new UI, which I’ll probably detail more in the artwork-section in the near future.

That’s about all for now, stay tuned for some more content coming up pretty soon!

Marcus out.