It’s that time again, belated-progress-report-time! So, just like the last post, this is a progress report for what I did yesterday, since I forgot to write it then. I blame hard work for making me forget! Anyhow, so yesterday consisted mostly of ‘background coding’, i.e. a lot of code that works behind the scenes but… Read More

Good evening, internets! This is the first official progress report of the 2D RPG project I’ve mentioned earlier, temporarily referred to as “Dungeon Fantasy”, since it’s sort of a tribute game to both Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy. Last Friday, me and two of my classmates (from the Graphics group) joined forces, so the… Read More

I just got back from playing some Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX and some Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. PCEDX is a great example of an old game receiving a complete overhaul in design, while still retaining most of the core elements and goals (and adding new ones.) I’ll admit that I am a very,… Read More