Hey all! The work in progress D&D/Final Fantasy-inspired RPG (system) is evolving fast, in terms of code. So far, it consists of 264 lines of code, and that’s just for customizing and altering the values of one character. The final game will feature a customizable party of four characters. Hopefully though, I’ll find a way… Read More

Hello all! Just stopping by to inform you all that the 3D Art Mix-page under the Artwork-section has been updated with some new (old) stuff, go check it out! Also, today I’ve been working on a prototype for a school project. It’s going to be a retro-styled, 2D top-down RPG, heavily influenced by Dungeons &… Read More

Breakthru: Extended Journal – Entry 1 Today, I’ve begun working on the extended version of my first Game Maker platformer game, Breakthru. The extended version of the game is developed as a means of making the game more complete, as development was pretty rushed (it was a one week project for school originally.) I fell… Read More