Solo project. Everything in the video was made by me, including models, textures and scene design. The audio was mixed by me as well, most of it comes from the FreeSound project, save for the song, which is The Platters’ “The Great Pretender”.


This is a tribute introduction film in the style of the intro videos from the official Fallout games. 50’s inspired, yet futuristic, post-apocalyptic wasteland, with very few survivors desperately trying to survive in the barren wastes left over after a global nuclear war.

The goal with this project was to produce a cinematic cutscene in the same style and feel of that of the intro videos from the official games in the Fallout-franchise, while still being my own entirely. It’s not based directly off of another intro from the games, but rather inspired by them.
The project was made and recorded, in real-time, in the Unreal Development Kit. Originally, I was supposed to make the video and render it offline in Maya. Eventually, I decided that learning how to work with the Unreal engine would be a lot more practical.

Overall, I estimate the project took around two to two and a half weeks of normal working hours (8-9 hours every day.)