A Wolfenstein Adventure by Marcus S. and René N.


You can download the mod over at ModDB: click here!



Level design, artwork, sound effects. A lot of the artwork comes from resource sites, but the mod also features quite a few sprites and textures by yours truly.
Source code changes were made by René “Havoc” N.


A phone call wakes you from a recurring nightmare. It’s Jack Stone of the OSA, the Office of Secret Actions. Nothing better to distract from night terrors than diving head first into another mission.

A remnant nazi chapter has taken hold in castle Todesdrache in southern Germany. Colonel Müller, along with his henchmen, have successfully stolen the Holy Grail. Its supernatural properties have been the subject of debate for centuries. The OSA, not ready to take any chances, wants to send one of their best agents out to get it back. William J. Blazkowicz parachutes into the snowy woodlands just outside of the castle. Once more into the fray.