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Here’s a couple of screenshots from the game. Click them to enlarge them.

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dev_2013_05_14_16_58_27_899 dev_2013_05_14_17_01_54_044 dev_2013_05_14_17_07_37_095


Level design and texture artist. I mainly worked with level and gameplay design, but also aiding with modelling/sculpting/texturing of the terrain and various static assets.


For the implementation of our (mine and my classmate Andreé’s) bachelor thesis study on dynamic difficulty adjustment systems in role-playing games, we decided to team up with two other thesis study groups. With the total seven of us in one team, we could work all our thesis subjects towards a common goal, to make a short but polished game. The result of this collaboration is Eira’s Tale.

Eira’s Tale is an action RPG set in a world inspired by old norse folklore and chinese mythology and philosophy. The player takes on the role of Eira, a young woman from a tribe of nomads. Her brother has fallen ill, which seems to affect his personality as well as his health. Eira sets out in order to find answers, what is this strange disease and what’s causing it? Soon after setting foot into the forests up north, she will find that her brother is not alone in being struck by the sickness.