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Level design, models and textures. Aside from the music, the game was a solo project.


You arrive at a world seemingly far from home, yet it all feels strangely familiar. The walls and floors are all the same, like a giant complex. It’s the details that leave you wondering if this realm is so distant. More questions are raised than answered, but you decide to press on along the path to see what awaits you next.

Mortal Spire is a highly experimental and so far short project of mine that spanned over two of the blocks during the first term of year three at uni. Its initial purpose was to serve as a demonstration for the level design guidance methods that I had detailed in my guide in a block prior. During the last block, I worked with polishing the two levels that I had, adding details to the environment that tells a story. These details were intentionally very symbolic and semi-abstract in nature, as to let the player interpret the story more freely.
The music’s made by my buddy Anders Alléus, by the way!