Day 4 – Thursday, September 6, 2012 Workbook time again! So yeah, that cold I mentioned yesterday, it didn’t get any better. As a result, I’ve spent most of the day just resting, re-watching the first season of Community, which is a great show, by the way. In terms of work, I’ve mostly just been looking through… Read More

Hey duders and dudettes! Long time no see! As usual, school has kept me busy so there hasn’t been a lot in the ways of updates on here, as you can see. Worry not, though! When I get the time to do it, I’ll update the site with what I’ve been doing lately and also,… Read More

Hey all! So, activity’s been a bit low lately, mostly due to being busy with the last school project for this term. It’s a group project, a short ‘interactive experience’ made in UDK. You’re a diver searching through the shipwreck of a military ship from the Cold War days. It’s turning out great, I’ll let… Read More

Howdy! This’ll just be a quick lil’ update on the RPG. After recoding what little battle logic I had so far for the third time, I finally got something working! Now, the hardest part seems to have been overcome, and what remains now is just a whole lot of coding different attacks and actions, and… Read More

Congratulations! You are now reading the first ever post in the Perpetual Diversion-site blog. I’ll warn you all beforehand that there won’t be much in ways of visual content or even textual clues regarding any on-going projects in this post. There will be more interesting posts soon though, so don’t worry! :) Anyhow, I hope… Read More