Good day, everyone! Long time no see! For once, I’ve actually been aware of how long it was since I last posted, because I’ve been deliberately holding off making another post. I wanted to do something at least a little bit special, since it is the hundredth post. At least according to the counter on… Read More

What’s up, interbutts! It’s one of those posts that encompasses a whole two days! Whoa! First off, the report for yesterday (Tuesday): I continued the construction of Chamber 2, mainly I scripted and implemented the mechanics for the last room in the “maze” at the beginning of the level. It was mostly just a matter of rewriting some past… Read More

I’m not too fond of Flash, really. Progress is being made though, and it’s looking pretty good so far (in a funny way.) Soon, everyone may take on the quest that is being Captain Condom! To fight for revenge against the nasty Virgin Supremacists, whom have spread a toxin over all of Safeville, rendering all… Read More