Perpetual Diversion Asset Packs

Starting 2014, I got into the wondrous world of making assets for the Unity Asset Store. It’s mainly a venture I’m exploring alongside developing solo game projects, to make some money to finance my projects. On my Asset Store page, you’ll find a varied array of high quality, game ready models, textures, 2D assets, etc.
In 2016, I also started selling assets on! You’ll find the same stuff over there for the same prices.

Click here to access my Asset Store main page.
Click here to go to my Store main page.

If you’re looking for support for an already bought asset or asset pack, head on over to the Contact page.

Available on Unity Asset Store and

Retro Pixel Bosses features 8 large boss monsters in a highly detailed pixel art style. The bosses have several animations and accompanying effect sprites to go with some attack animations. In total, the pack contains over 500 frames of hand-crafted pixel goodness!
Available now for just $12.50! Forum thread here.

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Retro Pixel Characters features customizable male and female pixel art characters, with an array of movement, battle and emote animations. Choose between variations in skin tone, eye color, outfit and hairstyle/hair color.
Available now for just $12.50! Forum thread here.

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Retro Pixel Dungeons

Retro Pixel Dungeons is a dungeon(s) tileset with different wall/floor/roof combinations, decoration objects large and small, animated objects, transition tiles and more. Puzzle together your very own retro inspired dungeon with the many pieces in the tileset.
Available now for just $9.90! Forum thread here.

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Retro Pixel Monsters

Retro Pixel Monsters is a pack of 10 varied, 4-directionally animated pixel art monsters. Some of them even have color palette variations. Includes full spritesheet .PSD-files, sample animator trees; ready for setup, projectile sprites for attacks, etc.
Available now for just $9.90! Forum thread here.

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Retro 2D Characters features pixel art characters with loads of variation. Use the many sprite sheets to change skin tone, outfit, hair style, hair color and eye color to make a unique character!
Includes 4-directional animation frames for walking, carrying, waving, swinging attack, magic chant, happy emote and more, 23 animations in total!
Available now for just $12.50! Forum thread here.

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Available only on Unity Asset Store

Seven Swords Pack

The Seven Swords Pack features seven high-quality, hand painted sword models.
With a custom ramp/toon shader with cubemap reflection, along with a variety of inspired eras, these swords should fit into any project.
Available now for only $2.50!
Forum thread here.

3D Pixel Tiles

The 3D Pixel Tiles pack features over 200+ 3D tile pieces and decorational models with a pixel art texture atlas, across three landscapes; grasslands, snowy and desert.
Due to its single texture for all included assets, it is highly optimized and easily cuztomizable.
Play the Web Player DemoForum thread here.

Available now for just $12.50!

Modern Doors Pack

The Modern Doors Pack features 17 doors and variations with high quality textures. Now Unity 5 standard shader compatible!
The pack also includes prefabs made ready to use, with sample interaction scripts, animations and bonus sound effects!
It is available on the Asset Store now, for less than the price of a lunch. Only $7.50 for the whole pack!
Web Player Demo