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The Game Assembly – Portfolio Projects

TGA Portfolio – Solo Projects

The trio below consists of my focus pieces for my specialization course at The Game Assembly Malmö.
These are solo projects, you can also find my group projects from my time at TGA by scrolling further down. Or by clicking here!

FPS – Multiplayer Map (Payload)


Outlaws and deputies face off in this western themed multiplayer map. Outlaws – get the cart of dynamite to the safe. Deputies – stop those no-good outlaws!

Third Person Stealth Action

Conspiracy ’85

You’ve prepared a surprise presentation for the mega-corp GREI’s annual summit. It’s sure to do some lasting damage, but first, you need to get your hoverbike up and running again…

Action Platformer

The Bloodletting

The once peaceful village of Arwen is infested with horrible monsters. The Church has summoned you to rid the land of demons and ultimately find the one responsible for it all.

Portfolio – Personal Projects


Puzzle Rhythm Game (Demo)

A genre fusion of puzzle matching and rhythm driven games, with a unique neon-visualizer aesthetic. Experience your new favorite songs in an entirely different way!

My Burden to Keep Thumbnail

My Burden to Keep

Point and Click Adventure Game

Two wills struggle on separate paths towards the same goal, to find out what really happened. Who killed mayor James Scott?

Operation: Gral

FPS/Mod of Spear of Destiny

A phone call wakes you from a recurring nightmare. It’s Jack Stone of the OSA. Nothing better to distract from night terrors than diving head first into another mission.

TGA Portfolio – Group Projects


Third Person Roguelite

When an interdimensional being threatens to destroy the universe a star falls out of the sky in the shape of a heroine.


Third Person Shooter

You’ve been taken to a secret test facility and prodded by scientists. Use your new powers to escape, at any cost.

Portfolio Thumbnail - Spite: Egar's Rage

Spite: Egar’s Rage

Action RPG

Use the power of the sun to blaze your way through the frozen minions of the moon!

Heir of Thunder

Action Adventure

Prove yourself worthy to wield the mighty hammer of Tor and defend the realms of Yggdrasil.



A demon trapped in a mask needs your help! Journey to the far away temple, aided by the magic powers of the demon.

Weedrats: Journey to the Qube

Shoot ‘Em Up

An alien army has devastated the Earth! Avenge humanity with an arsenal of upgradable weapons.


Mobile Puzzle Game

Help three raccoons with a knack for stacking solve puzzles to get into an R-rated movie.

Overrated Delivery Service

Sausage Delivery Obstacle Avoiding Action

Defy the laws of traffic safety & common sense as you race to deliver your sausages in this unreal delivery simulator!

TGA Portfolio – Smaller Projects Showreel

Portfolio Conspiracy ’85. Sweetwater. The Bloodletting. ERA. Spite Egar’s Rage. Heir of Thunder. Akuma. Weedrats Journey to the Qube. Staccoons. Overrated Delivery Service. Third Person Stealth Action. TPS. FPS. First Person Shooter. Multiplayer Online. Action Platformer. Vania-like. Third Person Shooter. Hack-n-Slash. Diablo-like. Zelda-like. Action Adventure. Top-Down Platformer. Pixel Art. Shoot-em-up. Shmup. Mobile Puzzle Game. Stacking. Obstacle Dodging Game.