Overrated Delivery Service

Defy the laws of traffic safety & common sense as you race to deliver your sausages in this unreal delivery simulator!

Project Information

  • Project Length: 6 weeks, half time
  • Game Engine: Unity


  • Level Design
  • Game Design
  • Lighting
You can feel the high-octane, sausage truck action!


Overrated Delivery Service is a high-speed game about driving a sausage truck to your end goal, avoiding various obstacles along the way.
For the very first group project at The Game Assembly Malmö, we were tasked with creating an obstacle-avoiding game. Some of the reference games given to us were Subway Surfer and Temple Run, to give an idea of the type of game. Through in-jokes about socks to only slightly scaled down crazy, lofty ideas, we eventually reached this result.

Destructibles are a lot of fun! We ended up balancing the amount of sausage pickups to make sure you could have some fun with exploding obstacles.
Modular road pieces make up the playable path. The roadside terrain and background is part modular, part hand-placed.

Level Design On The Road

As two level designers in the group, we wanted to make sure to balance the amount of work. We decided on three levels in different biomes and split the work of level one in half. We then picked a full level to work on each. I mainly worked on the second level, the desert level.

Each level would feature some variation of standard obstacles while also sporting a gimmick or two. For the desert level, the gimmicks were sandstorm areas, where the player’s sight was dramatically reduced, and large ramps/jumps over gaps. The latter proved an interesting balancing effort. Through a lot of testing and iterating, I made sure that actually falling into the bottomless gap would be fairly difficult. The thrill of this gimmick was more so in the sense of danger rather than the presence of it.

I ended up also doing a lot of the final polish for level one, as the length and difficulty balancing of the third level caused my teammate a few headaches. A lot of level one was simplified and streamlined more to introduce the different gameplay elements to the player.

Importance of Dynamic

Not only was this our first project at TGA, but also the first group we were assigned. By a stroke of luck, our group got along very well from the start and throughout the whole project. This would not only serve an invaluable stepping stone towards new friendships. It also served as a frame of reference for how a good group dynamic nurtures the creative process. I believe this factor strongly contributed to the sheer fun of the end product.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to my friend, Pontus Stensgaard, who composed the awesome theme for the game!

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