Help three raccoons with a knack for stacking solve puzzles to get into an R-rated movie.

Project Information

  • Project Length: 6 weeks, half-time
  • Game Engine: Unity


  • Level Design
  • Puzzle Design
An early blockout version of the first level in the cinema environment. Puzzles were laid out early, before we even had implemented levers and buttons.

3 – A Magic Number

Staccoons was a first in many regards. This was the first project to be entirely remote, due to the ongoing pandemic. It was also the first project where I had two colleagues to design levels together with. We ended up working great together, producing a hearty helping of levels while also helping each other with fine tuning puzzles and layouts.

3’s a Company

An early concept that stuck was to have the main characters be three raccoons stacked on top of each other. From there grew the simple storyline and objective. The three raccoon friends find a flyer for an exciting new movie, but the cinema strictly forbids raccoons from attending. The simplistic yet expressive design and the naturally contrasting shades made for very readable and cute characters.

Final version of the first cinema level, depicted in a blockout state earlier.

3 Raccoons Walk Into a Cinema…

Each individual level contained its own set of puzzles. The end goal for a level was always to; stack the three friends together and grab the golden cinema ticket to unlock the exit. Along with 3D tile pieces for 3 different environments, we had buttons, levers and movable platforms to play with while designing the levels.

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