Weedrats – Journey to the Qube

An alien army has devastated the Earth! Avenge humanity with an arsenal of upgradable weapons.

Project Information

  • Project Length: 8 weeks, half time
  • Game Engine: TGA2D


  • Level Design, Game Design
  • Enemy Placement & Balancing

Progressive Destruction

Designing levels for an auto-scrolling shoot-em-up proved an interesting challenge. It was quite a bit different from the previous projects, as enemy placement and balancing took almost center stage when designing for this genre. The variety of enemies and the varying degrees of challenge they posed on the player did help remedy gameplay fatigue. Pitting an array of popcorn enemies against the player doesn’t do that much, but put a few target seeking turrets along the way as well and you have a more interesting balance.

Designing With Tiled

Being the first of three games developed from the base of the TGA2D engine, it was a whole new workflow for every discipline involved. For the level design, we ended up using the well-known Tiled 2D tilemap editor. The export format was fairly easily readable for the programmers to implement and the workflow for designing was very straight-forward. We found features along the way in Tiled that made iterating upon difficulty especially simple.

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