Spite: Egar’s Rage

Use the power of the sun to blaze your way through the frozen minions of the moon!

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Project Information

  • Project Length: 14 weeks, half time
  • Game Engine: DOG Engine (In-house Engine)


  • Level Design
  • Terrain Painting & Exporting

It’s Cold Outside

As three level designers in our new group, we decided to each work on a distinct level/act for Egar’s Rage. I wanted to make something that was exclusively outdoors, having done mostly dungeon design in the previous project. The story progression informed the general setting. Act 2 takes place in the forest, leading up to the mountain where the Moon God resides.

The broad strokes of this level remained largely the same throughout the project, but the layout changed quite a lot.

Progression shots taken in Unreal Engine.

Level Design Pipeline

We used our in-house engine, dubbed DOG Engine, for the first time during this project. Our own editor was taking shape during development, so we elected to use Unreal Engine as a level editor. We would then export and convert the levels to our own format.

By ensuring that we used the right camera metrics in our Unreal project, we could quickly test and iterate before exporting to our own engine.

Swapping Levels

Us level designers decided to swap the different levels after our initial blockouts. This proved a very valuable step in the process. We had free reign to iterate upon what had been previously done. We also added and changed larger paths and smaller details alike. This way, we avoided fatigue from working on the same thing for the entire project. It was also interesting to see the different takes we had on each other’s works.

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